Heather H.

I developed a passion for dance at my first lesson when I was three.

I am local to the Quad Cities, a graduate of Moline High School and Blackhawk College. During the day I work as a physical therapist assistant at HCR ManorCare, but in the evenings, nights and weekends you can find me at the studio. My dance training includes jazz, contemporary, hip-hop, ballet, tap and ballroom dancing. I’m also an award winning choreographer and honored to be the Recreational Dance Manager at ATB.

Parents sometimes describe me as passionate and I have to agree. I have a passion for dance that I want to instill in my students. I have a passion for art that I hope they learn to love. And I have a passion to perform and make others around me successful.

Teaching affords me many amazing opportunities. In the six years I’ve been at ATB, I’d say watching each child grow in dance, and in life, tops the list. When children struggle week after week with something, a new trick or a new step, it’s easy for them to get down on themselves. But I don’t let them quit. I help them push it each week and believe in themselves because I know one day that light bulb will turn on. And when it does, it gleams for all to see! That is perseverance. That is self-esteem. That is dance.