Dance has been and remains today a huge part of my life, and my family.

I started dancing at 3 and never stopped. My parents opened ATB many years ago and today when I walk through the door I answer to Miss Kim, my younger sister.

As a dancer, I took part in more competitions than I could count. I won titles of Miss Stars of Tomorrow, Miss KAR and Miss Showbiz. I also took home many National Championships. I graduated from Pleasant Valley High School and St. Ambrose, where I was a three-year member of the University dance team. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Educational Administration. During the day, I work as a 5th grade teacher and in the afternoon/evenings, I lead the Pleasant Valley Platinum Dance team which I founded with Kim. I’m proud to say I’m entering my 14th season as their head coach, and in that short time, we’ve won 7 State Championships.

As an instructor and choreographer at ATB, it’s amazing to think about all the studentsI get to work with each year. My greatest job in working with children is watching them grow and inspiring them to do great things. There is nothing more humbling than when a student graduates and becomes a teacher or a coach because I inspired them. What they don’t realize is their hard-work and determination inspire me. They get me excited to come to work, excited to choreograph award-winning routines and excited to guide the next generation of leaders.

All things said, my jobs are wonderful, but my greatest role is that of Mom. My husband Kevin and I have a two-year old daughter Kamdyn. She is our pride and joy, and just recently started her dance journey at ATB. I know first-hand the trust parents put in us when they bring their sons/daughters through our doors, and that’s why know it’s the perfect fit for our daughter.