We also offer classes to help you perfect or try something new like hip hop, additional ballet, leaps & turns and conditioning. These classes can be taken in addition to staged classes or on their own. 


Hip Hop

Designed for any dancer over the age of four. This fun class teaches up-beat jazz routines using the most current songs and techniques. This class also teaches the dancer to have good memory and to stay focused. Dancers 4 -6 years of age are required to take a stage or ballet class in addition to his/her hip hop class. Dancers 7 and older, a stage or ballet class is highly recommended. 


For the beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer, we have a class for you. These classes will give you the style and grace of a true ballerina.

leaps & turns

For dancers 8 and up, this class focuses on strength and flexibility required to master the turns and jumps needed for dance, gymnastics, dance team, and beyond.  This class is 45 minutes and is offered several times per week. We highly recommend basic dance training before "leaping" into this class! This class is only offered in Davenport. 

Class filled with creative movement, improvisation and theatre games. This class will tap into the already creative minds of these youngsters. There will be an introduction to costuming and make-up as we explore colors and materials that represent good vs evil using fairy tales and favorite cartoon or Disney characters. This class is only offered in LeClaire. 


Age: 4 - 6yrs old

Perfect for the young student who wants to begin exploring theatre arts in a fun and supportive environment. This class allows students to stretch their creative muscles through theatre games while they begin to discover the art of storytelling and improvisation. All youth classes work toward a culminating performance which will coincide with our Spring recital. Leading up to the Winter casting of our show will be classes encompassing the elements of mounting a show. Topics like make-up, costuming, set design, audition prep. This class is only offered in LeClaire. 


Age: 7yrs old and up

Although this 45 minute class is created for dancers, it provides an amazing workout for anyone! Flexibility, strength, control and balance are all centers of focus for this class that allows your body to get into it's best shape for optimal performance. This class is offered three days per week! This class is only offered in Davenport.