Frequently Asked Questions
For Interested Dancers

Classes & Registration


All registration is done through our website. If you are new to the studio, you will need to fill out a family profile prior to registering for specific classes. Once your profile is complete you can register for any class at any time!

When do classes begin?

Summer Classes begin in June and last 6 weeks. Fall Classes begin in late August or early September and go through May.

How do I know what level to choose?

Our classes are broken up into the following stages. (Stages may varies)

  • Stage 1: 2 and new 3-year olds 
  • Stage 2: new 3 and 4-year olds
  • Stage 3: 3 or 4-year olds with experience and new 5-year olds
  • Stage 4: 3 to 5-year olds with experience and new 6-year olds
  • Stage 5: 5 or 6-year olds with experience and new 7-year olds

Stage 1 is 30-minutes long and includes tap, jazz and tumbling
Stages 2-4 are 45-minutes long and include tap, jazz and tumbling
Stage 5 is 60-minutes long and includes jazz, tap and ballet

Do you have classes for older students who are new or don’t want to compete?

We have many classes for kids without having to compete! We have hip hop for all ages, leaps & turns, and strength & conditioning. For newer students we have a 90-minute combo of jazz, tap and ballet that is for dancers 6-9 and 8-12, offered weekly. For more experienced dancers, we also offer the ability to take technique with our competitive teams without needing to compete!

Can my child take additional classes Beyond their current stage class?

Yes. We offer many other classes for these age groups including theatre, hip hop, and tumbling.


Most of our classes do participate in recital. The recital is in the spring, typically in May. Competitive technique classes do not perform in recital, but all other classes do. Student may "opt out" of recital if it's something your dancer does not want to do. 

Please also note all accounts must be paid in full to participate in recital. 

Fees & Billing Questions

How Much do Classes Cost?

Monthly cost is based on the total number of class hours taken each week. See our pricing page for complete details. A $25 registration fee is assessed to all students at the beginning of the year ($50/max per family). 

When is payment due?

Payment is due the 1st of every month. We use an automatic withdrawal system that requires families to enroll in the program. Those opting to pay in-person or via PayPal, check, or credit card are assessed a $7 transaction fee. A late fee will be applied if the account is not paid by the 5th of each month. 

Should I expect any extra fees?

You will need to supply your dancer with appropriate dance shoes, proper clothing for class and any costumes required for recital. Fees for recital costumes are put onto your account automatically. We require a deposit early in the season and then final payment when we order the costume.

Most dance shoes and outfits can be purchased at Body and Sole Dance Supply which is conveniently located next door to the studio. 

Is there a fee for recital?

The only fee for the dancer is the cost of the costumes. Family members are required to purchase tickets to watch the recital. This is often done online. The studio will email everyone when the site opens for purchase. 

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